Business Planning

In a fast-changing world it is becoming more and more essential to know where your business is going, in terms of financial fluctuations. Every management team has an opinion about what will happen to their business in the short, medium and long term, but very few have the ability to formalise their thoughts.

We have all been in the situation where some significant expenditure is planned on one project or another, resulting in a facility being required from the bank. It is much better to prepare in advance for these times of need than to ask a provider of finance at a time of weakness, when immediate support is necessary.

Engaging a firm of Chartered Accountants who can provide this extremely beneficial service can result in an improvement to the bottom line, and help to focus forward thinking.

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In addition, our support service means even once the project is complete, we are available to review plans and provide updated forecasts, along with detailed sensitivity analysis. Why wait until you have to provide a plan to an external body?

Use us as a regular adviser and maintain an up to date plan. This will give you a fantastic head start and make being in business much more enjoyable and rewarding.
Areas we can help you?
Management Accounts

Financial Forecasting


What can we offer you?

• An independent and objective review of forecasts prepared by you and liaison with a bank/provider of finance on your behalf.

• Assistance with preparation of forecasts, using our fully integrated financial model, together with a full follow up with the providers of finance.

• Specialist knowledge combined with an understanding of your commercial environment.

• Monitoring of management accounts

• Preparation of business plans. For a new business or established business undergoing a new project or refinancing, business plans are often required.

• Guidance on the focus of the business and assistance in ensuring that management and staff are working in the same direction.

What does this mean to you?

• Increased confidence. We work with you to ensure a successful outcome.

• Improved information. You have a clearer financial picture of the future of your business.

• Saving of time. We can undertake the work on your behalf leaving you free to run your business.