The Clive Owen LLP Grants Advisory team is recognised nationally as a leading provider of application support, appraisal, due diligence, independent audit and state aid advisory services.

The team have a wealth of experience dealing with all aspects of the grant process from initial expression of interest submissions through to the final claim for grant draw down. We utilise this experience to provide expert advice to our clients throughout the grant application process.

Clive Owen LLP have a proven track record of delivering successful applications for our clients and have an extensive portfolio of approved due diligence and appraisal reports, having worked on grant support of in excess of £180m since 2012. We support businesses of all sizes, from new start-up SMEs to long established multi-nationals, and across a wide variety of sectors ranging from manufacturing to the service industry. 

Our team specialise in Tees Valley Capital Grant scheme and Leeds City Region Business Growth Programme grant applications.  We are also the appraisal partner for the Let’s Grow North and East Yorkshire grant fund.

What does this mean to you?

• Improved chances of a successful application. Our extensive knowledge of the grant system and state aid rules means we achieve a success rate of over 90%, well above scheme averages

• Saving of time. We can take the significant burden of a grant application off your hands, leaving you free to focus on managing your business

• Peace of mind. Our appraisal and due diligence reports are recognised for their quality by local grant scheme providers 

• Maximised grant claims. Our expertise can help you maximise your eligible expenditure and employment outputs, resulting in the best possible grant draw down

Areas we can help you?
Appraisal & Due Diligence

Grant Applications

Independent Accountants Reports

Let's Grow North and East Yorkshire

What can we offer you?

• Grant application advisory services, comprehensive expert advice throughout the application and appraisal process from our team of specialist advisors

• Robust, wide ranging and cost effective appraisal and due diligence reporting

• Independent audit reporting to verify your grant claims

• Comprehensive advice on ensuring your grant remains compliant with State Aid regulations

If you would like to find out more or have any questions contact:




Neville Baldry


01325 349 700


Carl Wright


01325 349 700