Due Diligence

Due diligence is an investigation into the affairs of a business before its acquisition, disposal, flotation, refinancing, restructuring or other similar transaction. Due diligence is performed to give comfort to an investor, acquirer or lender that a target company will generate the profits and cash that the existing or outgoing management team projects.

Our approach typically includes:

• Analysis and commentary on historical trading, balance sheet and cash flows

• Trends in reported results and underlying profitability

• Analysis of normal levels of working capital

• Identification of debt and debt-like items

• A review of the target business’ projections and the assumptions used

• A review of the target’s tax position

We have provided due diligence support on a number of recent, high profile acquisitions on behalf of privately owned and listed companies, private equity / venture capital and banks, and would be delighted to discuss our experience with you further.

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