Raising Finance

Raising funds is fundamental to many growth and development options for a business, and is often a complex process. We will help you to identify your current and future funding needs, and approach funders who can meet your requirements.

Our approach encompasses:

• Initial assessment and appraisal of the business to understand the funding proposition

• Preparation of a business plan, which would include financial forecasting using fully integrated financial models

• Introduction to appropriate funders who can deliver your funding needs

• Hands-on approach to transaction execution - we take responsibility for project management and resolving deal issues

• Up-to-date experience of investment structures/terms and valuation issues

Angus Allan

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Areas we can help you?
Corporate Finance

Acquisitions & Mergers

Buy Outs & Buy Ins
Exit Strategies


Due Diligence

What can we offer you?

• An independent and objective review of forecasts prepared by you and liaison with a bank/provider of finance on your behalf

• Specialist knowledge combined with an understanding of your commercial environment

• Monitoring of management accounts

• Guidance on the focus of the business and assistance in ensuring that management and staff are working in the same direction

What does this mean to you?

• Increased confidence. We work with you to ensure a successful outcome

• Improved information. You have a clearer financial picture of the future of your business

• Saving time. We can undertake the work on your behalf leaving you free to run your business