Auto Enrolment

What we can offer you:

1) Initial assessment of your employees, production and delivery of communications about your scheme. This works well if you would like us to train your payroll staff on AE ongoing assessment and communications and employees options.

2) Ongoing assessment of your employees, AE communications where required, all reporting relating to employee results and uploading the data to your pension scheme.

3) Outsourced payroll working with your own Financial Advisers on AE.

4) A fully managed service tailored to you and your employees explaining the implications of Auto Enrolment which can include:
  • Sourcing your staging date
  • Assessment of your employees
  • Communicating to all employees
  • Enrolling eligible employees into your designated scheme
  • Processing your additional employee opt-ins
  • Administering your designated scheme using delegated access where applicable
  • Communicating with your scheme provider and managing employee opt-outs
  • Monitoring anniversary re-enrolments
  • Providing all necessary reports
  • Uploading all data continually on employee changes
  • Exporting payroll files of employee/employer data monthly, either to be uploaded as part of delegated access or for use with middleware
At Clive Owen LLP we recognise the complexities and legal requirements as well as the value and importance of Auto Enrolment. We have the expertise, experience and trained professional staff to assist you.

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At Clive Owen LLP we recognise the value and importance of Auto Enrolment and we have the expertise, experience and the professional staff to assist you.

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