£35,000 ‘found’ by Clive Owen Managed Services (COMS) team for new client!

It always pays to have experts on your side and the Clive Owen Managed Services team have proved this with clients on many occasions.

After being engaged by a new client to prepare management accounts, Clive Owen Managed Services (COMS) Accountant Maria Perek immediately identified that there was no integration between one of their methods of payment collection and their Xero Cloud accounting system. She then went on to discover that over £35,000 had been collected through the website which was sitting in the account that the client was unaware of this. Needless to say, they were very pleased when Maria shared the good news!

Ian Jarvis, COMS Director, commented;

“It’s important to celebrate little victories and especially important to celebrate big ones! This is the second time we have found this type of error in the two years that COMS has been established. Whilst I appreciate this is quite an exceptional find it does demonstrate the value of expert perspective and having professionally prepared management accounts.

Xero and other Cloud accounting systems have given us the ability to work and interact with clients on a much more proactive basis and we are finding that once our clients understand the benefits cloud accounting can provide, they love it.

 The COMS team is currently adding a new member to their team to cope with the increased demand for cloud services from clients old and new and I am delighted to see our team and our client base going form strength to strength’’.

Ian Jarvis said: “COMS is more than just outsourcing. We understand clients’ individual needs and focus on providing a bespoke service. Control, accuracy and accountability remain fundamental in our approach.

“One of our key goals is to reduce their administration on record keeping, freeing up time and allowing them to focus on the business itself.”

The rapid development of technology could also see digital tax accounting become compulsory in the near future with Cloud accounting being the easy way to prepare for this.

Ian Jarvis said: “Technology is the future and as advancements continue our managed services team are here to help look after financial functions and move business forward.

“Cloud accounting allows businesses to keep records up to date, saving them time and money and allowing them to concentrate on developing their business, make quick and informed decisions and flourish in a competitive market.”

“Cloud accounting is easy, cost-effective and supremely accessible offering real benefits to business and is becoming the mainstay of modern administration.”

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Picture shows COMS Manager Louise Keetley (left)  and COMS Director Ian Jarvis presenting Maria Perek with a bottle of Champagne to celebrate a job well done!