HM Revenue & Customs Service Levels

You may have read the recent press reports that the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) have deemed that the customer service levels provided by HMRC are APPALLING.

The research by the PAC found that:

1. HMRC responded to 72.5% of calls in 2014-15 and over the first half of 2015-16 this had fallen to 50%.
2. HMRC had failed to hit their target of answering 80% of telephone calls within 5 minutes and actually only answered 39% of calls within 5 minutes.
3. HMRC’s record for prosecuting offshore tax evasion was woefully inadequate.

In March 2013 HMRC’s customer service was described as abysmal and now the PAC believe it has got worse and is under the impression that the poor service is hindering tax collection and may lead to errors in Tax Returns, particularly for pensioners who may have complicated tax arrangements.

In our opinion, the services levels of HMRC have been in decline for a number of years. Luckily for tax agents, HMRC introduced an agent dedicated telephone number a few years ago but this is only for tax agents like ourselves to make enquiries on behalf of our clients.

If you are fed up with dealing with HMRC direct, we would be more than happy to help you with your tax obligations or provide advice. If you wish to speak to one of our team, then for Darlington call Alan Moore or Lee Watson (01325 349700), for Durham call Nicola Bellerby or Lee Watson (0191 384 2244) and for York call Alan Moore or Graham Richardson (01904 784400).