The Latest Telephone Based Scam

We have recently been made aware of yet another scam where individuals ring taxpayers claiming to be enforcement officers for HMRC.

The fraudsters advise that bailiffs will be calling in half an hour to collect ‘the tax due’. The especially worrying aspect of this fraud is that the fraudsters knew the amount of tax, VAT in this case, which was owed, as well as the taxpayer’s details. When the taxpayer questioned the fraudster he was supposedly put through to an HMRC officer from the Debt Collection Unit. This second fraudster advised that if the taxpayer made a payment immediately to a certain bank account the 20% enforcement charge would be waived. Thankfully the taxpayer became suspicious at this point and hung up.

Please be extremely wary when speaking to alleged HMRC officers. If in any doubt give the tax team a call and we can contact HMRC via our dedicated agent phonelines and verify the position.