Newsflash for all employers – deadline approaching!

The deadline for filing forms P11D (the return of benefits in kind and expenses) is rapidly approaching.

If you provide employees or directors with any benefits in kind (such as the benefits below), then forms P11D will need to be completed and submitted to HMRC.

Some common benefits are:


1.       Medical or dental insurance.

2.       Company car and/or fuel.

3.       Company van and/or fuel.

4.       Accommodation.

5.       Interest free or low interest loans.

6.       Gym memberships.


In addition, if you reimburse employee expenses such as travel, entertaining, subscriptions or subsistence then these may be need to be reported on form P11D.

The deadline for reporting benefits and expenses to HMRC is 6 July 2015 with the payment of any associated national insurance payable by 19 July 2015.

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