Paying your tax bill by credit card – time is running out!

It is a facet of modern society that some taxpayers will use their credit card to pay their Self-Assessment tax bills to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

This may be because they are having cashflow difficulties or perhaps because they want to benefit from the rewards offered by some credit card companies for expenditure on their credit card – such as supermarket points, air miles etc.

However, from 13 January 2018, HMRC will no longer accept credit card payments. Therefore, post 13 January 2018, the options to pay will be limited to using your debit card, by BACS transfer, by cheque or by giro payment at your bank.

The ability to pay at the Post Office will also be withdrawn.

Our advice

If you wish to use your credit card to pay your tax liability, our advice would be to complete your Tax Return ahead of 13 January 2018, so that you are aware of the amount due and ensure that the payment reaches HMRC before 13 January 2018.