Taking on employees

Taking on your first employee is an exciting time for any business and is a moment that should be celebrated. In the midst of those celebrations it can be easy to overlook various pitfalls and that is where a good accountant can help!

We can help make sure that:

1.       You have registered a payroll scheme with HMRC.

2.       The salary offered to your employee is in line with the national minimum/living wage.

3.       You are complying with your Auto Enrolment pension obligations.

4.       The correct tax and national insurance is paid over to HMRC in accordance with the PAYE regulations.

5.       The correct monthly reports and Returns are submitted to HMRC.

6.       Any benefits provided to employees (such as company car, medical insurance) are reported to HMRC.

7.       You are aware of any local grants available for taking on an employee.

8.       You are aware of any national insurance savings on taking on employees, such as an apprentice for example.

You should also consider:

1.       Whether the employee has a legal right to work in the UK.

2.       Your obligations to provide a contract of employment.

3.       Whether you need to carry out checks to ascertain if the employee is barred from working in particular sectors such as working with vulnerable people like the elderly or children.

4.       That you have employer’s liability insurance.

We can help with these further points as we have many quality contacts who work in employment law and insurance.

If you wish to speak to a member of our tax or payroll teams, then for Darlington call Alan Moore or Lee Watson (01325 349700), for Durham call Nicola Bellerby or Lee Watson (0191 384 2244) and for York call Alan Moore or Graham Richardson (01904 784400).